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Factory Fitness LA
Factory Fitness LA
Factory Fitness

One of Los Angeles'
Top Ten Places to Work Out:
Fitness Factory L.A.

  Newly Renovated Locker Rooms
12,000 Sq. Ft. Free Weight Area
1,000 Sq. Ft. Group Class Room
3,000 Sq. Ft. Abs, Stretching Area
Boxing Area, Fully Equipped Pilates Studio

"In a nondescript warehouse in West Hollywood, this is a hard-core and focused old-school gym for the beautiful people, the people behind the beautiful people, and the people who train them all."

-- Los Angeles Magazine


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 6am to 9pm
Friday 6am to 8pm
Saturday 7am to 4 pm
Sunday 8am to 2pm


The Crowd: It's all ages and both sexes. More than a few recognizable faces are about,
     but members don't seem to notice.

Fitness Test: With an abundance of cardio equipment, there is rarely a wait. Upstairs features
     a phalanx of new machines and a large area for free weights; downstairs is devoted to Pilates studio,
     a boxing area, and a classroom for kung fu students. Many of the city's best personal trainers are
     demonstrating the right way to do things: pay attention and you might learn something.

Amenities: You'll find gratis grooming products in the recently renovated locker rooms,
     which, while clean and perfectly functional, are fairly utilitarian - lockers, showers, bathrooms,
     and not much else.

Perks: You can pick up protein bars and energy drinks at the front desk.
     We appreciate that free valet parking.

Fitness Factory L.A.
650 N. La Peer Dr.
West Hollywood, California 90069


For Gym/Trainnig info, email Carolyn Corrado at clcfactory@aol.com
For Location Rental only, please contact Darren Mills
(310) 358-1838 or email: DMillsinCA@aol.com

Factory Fitness LAWorkout EquipmentTrainersClassesLocationFactory Fitness